About us

Be At My Kitchen created in 2022 with the idea to give your kitchen a brand new life. Be At My Kitchen is your go-to resource for Kitchen appliances, reviews, deals, tips and more. All these information is available at your fingertips on our website

Who are we?

Be At My Kitchen was founded and began operations in December 2022. We earn money by participating in a variety of affiliate marketing programs. That means we may be compensated for purchases made through our links to retailer websites. Although we only recommend products that we feel are of the best quality based on our own research, interviews, analysis, and testing.

We have no motive to pick inferior products or to give in to company pressure. We’ll outline all the top options within a category and provide a product comparison along with the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision that suits your target needs and budget.

Why You Should Trust Us?

There is no denying that shopping in a physical store is more enjoyable because you can touch, try out, and test out items before purchasing, helping you in choosing the right item for you. Virtually any store and item you can think of are available online and only a few clicks away. When you shop online, you might not be able to try a product for yourself. That’s where Be At My Kitchen comes in, now you can buy anything you want with confidence, it’s like touching the products online through Be At My Kitchen.

 Before choosing our best recommendations for a category, we first spend hours researching and testing potential products. Our editors spend days, if not weeks, researching and comparing different models, reading customer reviews, analyzing competitor coverage, calling in products, and conducting team-wide hands-on testing.

Meet Our Team

Shashank Sharma

Founder and Editor

Be At My Kitchen